The Law Office of Luke McConnell provides comprehensive representation for students with matters before the student conduct board. The University has it’s own procedures and process for making disciplinary decisions with respect to it’s students which are completely separate from the criminal justice system. Although the University doesn’t allow traditional advocacy on behalf of students at conduct hearings, it is always important to have someone looking out for your best interests.

You can be charged in criminal court and still be subject to a hearing with the Office of Student Conduct. It is in these situations where it is critical that a comprehensive approach be utilized so that student conduct hearings and criminal cases do not work against each other.

Integrated Approach

We make sure that when you have a criminal case and a hearing before the Student Conduct Board, that one does not negatively impact the other.

Local Support

We know that in many student conduct situations, parents and families are away from their student, and the student is away form their family. We provide guidance and support to bridge the distance between loved ones.

Academic Integrity

We work hard to protect the integrity of your academic record. One mistake shouldn't impact years of hard work.

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