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Criminal Defense is a specialty of the Law Office of Luke McConnell. We have extensive experience representing people charged with anything ranging from simple misdemeanors to complex and serious felonies. Our superior trial experience also sets us apart, and the Law Office of Luke McConnell is your best advocate in the event that your case proceeds to trial.

Although the firm is based in Boulder, we take cases in all jurisdictions and counties in Colorado. This includes municipal, state, and federal court, as well as administrative proceedings (e.g. DMV hearings).

We also encourage people to retain counsel as early as possible because early intervention is often the best approach. This is especially true if charges have not been filed, but you think they might be. Getting us involved on the front end could be of tremendous benefit to your situation.

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The Law Office of Luke McConnell provides comprehensive representation for students with matters before the student conduct board. The University has it's own set of procedures and processes for making disciplinary decisions with respect to it's students.

You can be charged in criminal court and still be subject to a hearing with the Office of Student Conduct. It is in these situations where it is critical that a comprehensive approach be utilized so that student conduct hearings and criminal cases do not work against each other.

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The Law Office of Luke McConnell is prepared to handle your civil suit, whether that is a car accident or a dispute with an insurance company. Our trial experience gives us an edge in our advocacy on behalf of clients in civil matters.

Having participated in 86 jury trials, and represented over 2500 clients, the Law Office of Luke McConnell is ready to help you with your litigation strategy or upcoming trial. Whether that is providing an outside perspective, or a more active role within a case, the Law Office of Luke McConnell is ready to share its experience with you.

There are many reasons a citizen might need to interact with the courts. The Law Office of Luke McConnell can help you with petitions to de-register, criminal record sealing, restraining orders, and other court related business.

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We provide comprehensive strategies

Every case is different, and should be treated as such. We develop comprehensive litigation strategies for each case that are tailored to the unique concerns and objectives of the client.

Superior trial experience

With experience in over 85 jury trials, we are your best advocate if your case proceeds to jury trial. Jury trials are an area of special focus for us and we don't shy away from any trial.

Communication is important to us

Straight forward and clear communication is important to us. We promise to give you accurate and honest information in a timely manner so that you can make the right decision.

Free Consultation

We always offer a free consultation, so let's sit down and discuss how we can help. Please contact us to schedule yours today.

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