Criminal Defense and criminal jury trials are a particular focus of ours, and our experience in this area is the foundation for our practice. There isn’t a criminal case we won’t accept, and we represent the accused throughout the State of Colorado. We’ve taken over 85 cases to trial and have represented people accused of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies like sexual assault and murder.

You have the right to counsel. We recommend that you exercise this right by obtaining counsel as early as possible–even prior to charges being filed. Please contact us so we can help you.

We represent people accused of:


Just because it's a misdemeanor doesn't mean it's not serious. We recognize that a misdemeanor charge can be as devastating and bewildering as any other. Our approach to misdemeanors is the same approach we take in every case.

We handle all misdemeanors, including but not limited to:
- Traffic Matters, including DUI/DWAI & driving under restraint
- Assault & Harassment
- Domestic Violence
- Child Abuse
- Property Crimes
- Theft
- Drug Possession
- Misdemeanor sex offenses


Felony charges can be particularly daunting, and we keep this in mind. With felony cases there are generally significant consequences to the accused, some of which don't include jail time (like your right to possess weapons and vote in elections). Our comprehensive approach to cases ensures that we protect the rights, careers, and reputations of our clients to the greatest extent possible.

We handle all felony cases, including but not limited to:
- Felony Assault
- Felony Domestic Violence
- Felony Traffic Charges
- Drug Charges
- Violent Felonies
- Weapons Charges
- Felony Child Abuse
- Sexual Offenses
- Burglary, Robbery, and Arson
- ID Theft & Fraud
- Property Crimes
- Felony Theft
- Homicides, including Vehicular Homicide
- Kidnapping
- Escape


Being charged with DUI or DWAI can be extremely daunting. There are many consequences beyond the possible penalties. Whenever possible, we like to take a comprehensive approach that starts with DMV hearings, then moves on to negotiation, pre-trial litigation, and jury trial. We also work hard to protect our clients' careers and reputations throughout this process.

We've handled nearly every type of DUI case, including driving while under the influence of drugs. Since we've represented literally hundreds of people charged with DUI, and taken more than 35 DUIs to trial, you can be confident we'll take the approach that is in your best interest.

Domestic Violence

These cases present a unique challenge because they involve personal relationships and a strict legal framework. We recognize first and foremost that the interpersonal disruption these cases cause, independent of the law, can in and of itself completely disrupt our clients' lives.

However, the legal framework that applies in domestic violence cases increases the challenge. Things like mandatory restraining orders and the potential involvement of social services and other governmental agencies can often fracture relationships and families during a difficult time.

Our comprehensive approach to representation is adept at dealing with the many layers involved in these cases, all the while working to protect our clients' rights, relationships, and reputations.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are generally crimes that involve some of the harshest penalties, including mandatory prison sentences and lifetime involvement in the criminal justice system. We know the impact of these kinds of charges, and we take them seriously as a result. These cases can also involve more complex forms of evidence, like DNA and expert witnesses. It is therefore important that you have someone advocating for you that has the experience to properly evaluate your case.

We try to hit the ground running in these kinds of cases to get a jump on the prosecution. We work hard to fully investigate matters, and to develop a comprehensive defense strategy, which may include taking your case to trial.

Examples of violent crimes we can help you with are:
- First and Second Degree Assault
- Homicides
- First Degree Arson
- First Degree Burglary
- Kidnapping
- Aggravated Robbery
- Mandatory Sex Offenses

Sex Offense Charges

Under Colorado law, the potential consequences of a sexual offense are extremely serious. They include the potential for lifetime imprisonment and lifetime involvement in the criminal justice system. In addition, the social and personal consequences of sexual offense charges can be equally as devastating.

In these types of cases it is very important that you retain counsel as early as possible, and we try to work these cases from the front end as much as possible. The evidence in these cases usually involves technical scientific evidence, like DNA, or other expert testimony, and it is important that you have an attorney who can deal with the nuance and complexity of this kind of evidence.

Our approach to sexual offense cases is built on a foundation of compassion because we know how much damage mere charges can do to a person's career and reputation. We match our compassion with an aggressive and comprehensive approach that seeks to find the best solution to every case.

We take all sexual offense cases, including:
- sexual assault
- sexual assault on a child
- internet based sexual charges

Drug Charges

The laws surrounding drug offenses went through significant change in the last legislative session. And we expect more changes in the future. Most changes in the law were in favor of the accused, and there are more solutions available to people accused of drug related crimes.

It is imperative that you have an attorney on your side who can determine what avenues of relief are available to you within the new drug law framework and to work toward achieving the best possible outcome.

Whether your case involves possessing a small amount of drugs, or something more serious, we can help. Let us apply our comprehensive approach to develop a solution that is in your best interest, and also protects your rights, career, and reputation.

White Collar Crimes

Some lawyers actually do like math. We love delving into a complicated case and emerging with simplicity and solutions. The numbers, accountants, and reams of documents don't scare us away.

Often, these types of cases involve complicated and nuanced legal arguments. White Collar cases can also be difficult for the prosecution to prove. It is here where our significant trial experience gives us the ability to more accurately assess what kind of proof there actually is and what arguments will be successful in court.

Probation Violations

Completing probation can often be a complicated and challenging undertaking. It can also be quite frustrating, and we are well acquainted with the difficulties our clients can face while on probation.

If a probation complaint has been filed, or even if you think one might be, let us help you move in the direction you want to go.

Thoughtful & Aggressive

Our approach to criminal cases is thoughtful, yet aggressive. There are many ways to approach each case, and we work with our clients toward the outcomes that their situation demands.


Many times just being accused can disrupt a person's life. As a result, we treat our clients charged with crimes with the utmost compassion. Let us be someone who isn't judging you, only helping you.

We'll take your case to trial

A jury trial isn't always the solution, but we've done so many that you can have full confidence that you'll get talented and experienced trial advocacy. There isn't a case we won't take to trial if that is the path to the best outcome.

We'll take your case anywhere in Colorado

We are happy to represent the accused in any courthouse in the State, including federal court. Just because you don't live in the Denver Metro Area doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of our expertise.

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